Proposal Development & Writing
Trivium also provides proposal development services that follow a proven methodology—one that has been refined and honed over time. The Trivium methodology has shown repeatedly that taking the time to clarify the project that lies beyond the proposal yields a more efficient and effective writing process. Trivium services can include some or all of the following proposal development services:

Providing the client with a Proposal Guide that interprets the targeted grant solicitation’s guidelines, requirements and review criteria;

Setting Roles and Responsibilities for the proposal development process, which includes assembling a Trivium proposal development team matched to the project needs and advising the client regarding their team’s composition;

Guiding the client through a rigorous conceptualization process that defines the proposal’s Project Scope and ensures that all necessary components are in place to develop a competitive proposal to the targeted grant;

Managing the proposal development process, including establishing timelines and meeting schedules;

Providing Proposal Writing services according to the client’s pre-arranged needs (services range from single reads with edits to full-scale grant writing);

Providing pre-submission proposal review opportunities via Trivium-assembled Mock Review Panels of experts, and providing feedback to the client and the proposal writing team in time for adjustments to be made to the proposal before submission.