Assessment of Funding Opportunities

Trivium will survey funding opportunities in both the public and private sectors and provide a Funding Opportunity Review of those that are appropriately matched to the client’s goals and capabilities. Trivium will also work with a client to identify collaboration opportunities and potential partnerships, and will help a client develop a plan for pursuing targeted opportunities.

A strategic assessment is critical with new clients and should be completed before any specific funding opportunities are targeted. The strategic assessment process consists of:

Understanding the organization’s mission and capabilities and determining the client’s funding goals;

Guiding the client through a process of self-investigation and analysis so that the client’s place in the research cycle is understood and ready for inclusion in its initial grant proposals;

Assessing the client’s competitiveness in obtaining federal or foundation funding;

Providing  information about targeted research and dissemination opportunities; and

 Assisting the client in mapping federal legislative funding initiatives and matching those with the client’s research interests and internal capacity.